Gracey's meat hygiene by D S Collins; R J Huey; J F Gracey

By D S Collins; R J Huey; J F Gracey

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5 kg. 25–5 kg. Poussins are mainly sold to the retail trade. The food animals 15 End-of-lay hens Birds at the end of their laying life, sometimes called boiling fowl, and weighing around 2 kg, form a substantial trade in meat for processing. Some live, fat hens are required for Halal slaughter in Britain. Nearly all the broilers in the major production areas in the world are reared on deep litter on the floor. Using modern strains of fast-growing birds, the majority are raised until they are approximately 6 weeks of age, when they are harvested, that is, caught, crated, loaded and transported to the processing plant.

Thus, for practical purposes, the ratio of the length of the small intestine to the large intestine is 4:1. 6 Liver of ox, diaphragmatic surface, hardened in situ. Liver With the exception of the horse, the livers of all the food animals are reddish brown in colour. The liver, the largest gland in the body, lies mainly to the right of the midline in all animals, its convex anterior surface conforming to the hollow of the diaphragm to which it is attached on its dorsal surface and its concave visceral surface (with portal vein, hepatic lymph nodes, gall bladder, common hepatic duct and hepatic artery) in contact with the pancreas, reticulum, omasum and abomasum with the caudal vena cava prominent on its dorsal border.

Many of these have developed broiler goat units in which 3–7-day-old kids are reared on high-vitamin milk powder to a live weight of 10 kg at 1 month of age, when they are slaughtered. 3 kg. The carcases are split and the meat is exported, mainly to Italy, skins being utilised for shoemaking. 3 (FAOSTAT). It is probably true to say that no other farm enterprise is as widespread throughout the world as is that of poultry farming. Certainly, no other farming activity has made such vast strides in recent years as the production of meat and eggs for table use.

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