Grammar of the Nyimang Language by Roland Stevenson

By Roland Stevenson

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AJ,Jidu kU-,;Wno warai tsg, We are carrying the maize in baskets nyi a shilai kwen, Xou are going with·the chief • tomai she, Do it with wood wadaij& kadai, Go with the man' EXERCISES. Revieion Vocabulary, etc.!.. kwo~a, spear ariijs, sky, rain timi1, door of' branches mo, wind ~ou, stick kws~r, strong tsmt1, axe 10fo, weak rowSI', wooden stirrer kido 00, that (thing) mindtit, stone a tor, I am coming '(",k", k:i,e, cattle (_ ,. )are,,)nyi a ••• kwen,Yout;Lre going with. ,. (l) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) ( 10) 9.

Mo kws~r ns, ariIJs a tor~ i a tai~ ei, a tai nyi a telai? ei, aQi a ts1ai i kido no £lows a she? ido no mwers a she shilo kwora kwsgr ns, wadaJJo gou lofo ne i a tor? ei, a tor nyi a sor? ei, aiji a sor kie ma nedi a? IJ i a kwiyure kwen 41 .. ,: . ,,J: :B. sare going with the wind. (2)"t\1""eyo,utgping with the chief? Yes, I am going with the chief'. (~J ~t'~oj'Y'ou want? I want an axe'. (4}Canyousee the cattle? Yes, I can see the cattle. (5) What is that? That is a stone. " ". (6) Where is the stirrer?

Going home? ) to 'the place "I ' ---------'---- PROPER NAMES, etc. Pro~~~ tlaJne,sand a few nouns denoting family relationship have the following,terminations (these are pronominal, see p, ):_ c'. Nom: Acc: Gen: Dat: -UIJ -UN -UI) Abl: -IN Loe: -IL Names ending in a vowel the tei1ffiination. g, Nom: Eabib Amino. ,Ja (his, her mother), IJemo. (f'ather of' sons). , Wo. : :;i '.. , Ace: Gen: Dat: Abl: Loc: J 44 ;". has the followiD~ declension: ',"\/,:wa 'WaJJ wanu (Dep. Gen. wanun) wani wo. J tile a nyufaQ ka toilg en a abaij ka toile a SaboIJ war abaIJ tili, aboun wada Aminun bar jW~UkworOIJ .

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