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Review of Developments in Transport in Asia and the Pacific 2005

The overview, a biennial booklet, is dependent into 3 major components. half I describes the surroundings during which the shipping area is constructing and the significant demanding situations that this surroundings poses to governments, the shipping and society at huge. half II makes a speciality of tracing the numerous improvement of roads, railways, delivery, ports, inland waterways and air shipping industries and infrastructure within the sector.

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Often the driving force is fashion. What drives fashion? It's the constant search for the new and different. " Fashion even operates in such categories as hard liquor. After World War II, the beverage of choice was whiskey, especially rye whiskey. "Rye and soda" was a typical bar call. Successive generations preferred Scotch whisky, then gin, then vodka, and today the fastest-growing hard liquor is tequila and the No. 1 brand of tequila is Jose Cuervo. ) Does anyone doubt that divergence will continue to drive the liquor industry?

Now you have mouthwash (Listerine), plaque-reducing mouthwash (Plax), dental floss (Johnson & Johnson), flat dental floss (Glide), gum stimulators (Butler), gum brushes (Sulca), water brushes (Water Pik), electric toothbrushes (Sonicare), battery-operated electric toothbrushes (SpinBrush). Even baby toothbrushes (Soft Grip). Then there are the teeth-whitening products, like Crest White-strips, as well as professional teeth-whitening systems (BriteSmile). Perhaps no category illustrates divergence more than shaving.

In the early evolution of an industry, economics often favor convergence, but that usually changes as the industry grows up. Convergence in the Airline Industry In the thirties, passenger airlines decided they could make extra money by also carrying freight. Their planes were flying the routes anyway, so marginal costs were low and they could charge high prices for fast deliveries. So every major airline set up an air cargo division. It was like found money. Not for long. The air cargo plum lasted only long enough for entrepreneurs to figure out a way of launching all-cargo airlines.

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