Heavy Duty Nutrition - Bodybuilding by Mike Mentzer

By Mike Mentzer

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Always perform these workouts in the order, A, B, A, B, A, B etc. A training frequency of twice per week (the maximum frequency - for beginners only) would look like this: Mondays: Workout A Thursdays: Workout B Workout A 1. Shoulders 2. Trapezius 3. Triceps 4. Biceps 5. Abdominals See: Photos & Explanation - Workout “A” Workout B 1. Lower Back 2. Chest 3. Upper Back 4. Legs 5. Calves See: Photos & Explanation - Workout “B” 30 The Best Power Factor Training Workouts cont. What Weight to Use You will be training in your strongest range of motion only.

Since we don’t know what your lagging part is, we had to devise workouts for all of them. How did we go about that? Scientifically, of course. We measured! We examined the most common exercises and we tested each of them with a group of trainees to determine which exercises delivered the highest overload to each targeted muscle. It was a ton of work and the full results are in our specialization books. [Link to More Information] But you just want the “meat” right? OK this e-book has specialized routines for: Chest (see Best Chest Workouts) Arms (see Best Arm Workouts) Shoulders (see Best Shoulder Workouts) Back (see Best Back Workouts) Abdominals (see Best Abdominal Workouts) Legs (see Best Leg Workouts) Each of these categories breaks down into more specifics so you can just focus on, say, your triceps.

47 Photos and Explanations of PFT Workout “B” cont. Hack Squats Squats Perfect placement of the safety bars. He only has to straighten up an inch or two and he’s holding the weight. 48 Photos and Explanations of PFT Workout “B” cont. 5. Calves: Pick one of Standing Calf Raise OR Toe Press Standing Calf Raise Toe Press The weight is on the safety stops ... his toes move it up an inch. 49 Power Factor and Power Index Calculations When you do a workout, keep track of each weight you lift, how many reps and sets you do and how long it takes.

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