How Corrupt is Britain? by David Whyte

By David Whyte

Banks accused of rate-fixing. contributors of Parliament cooking the books. significant safety contractors investigated over suspect hands bargains. Police accused of being paid off by means of tabloids. The headlines are unrelenting nowadays. probably it’s excessive time we ask: simply precisely how corrupt is Britain?

David Whyte brings jointly quite a lot of top commentators and campaigners, supplying a chain of troubling solutions. Unflinchingly dealing with the corruption in British public lifestyles, they exhibit that it really is now not tenable to imagine that corruption is anything that occurs somewhere else; corrupt practices are printed throughout a variety of honored associations, from neighborhood govt to special enterprise.

These robust, punchy essays objective to polish a gentle at the corruption essentially embedded in united kingdom politics, police and finance.

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1 Or they provide an inadequate service, which can never be challenged because their terms of service are subject to commercial confidentiality 42 Beyond a Narrow Definition of Corruption clauses and immune from freedom of information scrutiny. Failures or fraudulent practices by private companies in the delivery of services, such as by G4S, Serco and Atos, prove no barrier to lucrative new contracts. 3 Such defects give the lie to the neoliberal dogma that the market is always superior to the public sector.

108 Masters, B. com/ cms/s/0/8462c362-ee34-11e2-a325109 Ministry of Justice (see note 107). 37 Part I Neoliberalism and Corruption 39 40 1 Moving Beyond a Narrow Definition of Corruption David Beetham In his introduction to this collection David Whyte refers to the World Bank’s definition of corruption as ‘the abuse of public office for private gain’, and he challenges the limitation of corruption implicit in this definition to the personal gain of office holders. Like him, I want to propose a wider conception which serves better to capture the different concerns of the contributors to this volume.

87 Whyte, D. ’ Criminal Justice Matters, issue 94, December. 88 Novack, J. com/sites/ janetnovack/2013/03/01/ernst-young-pays-123-million-avoids-tax-shelterprosecution/ 89 Guardian, 23 October 2013. com/article/2013/12/03/ uk-britain-china-trade-gsk -idUKBRE9B217T20131203 93 Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs (2013) ‘BP Exploration and Production Inc. gov/opa/pr/bp-exploration-and-production-inc-pleads-guiltysentenced-pay-record-4-billion-crimes 94 Neville, S. html#axzz3GDYVmBPu 95 Tombs, S.

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