How English Works: A Grammar Practice Book by Michael Swan, Catherine Walter

By Michael Swan, Catherine Walter

This ebook makes grammar perform attention-grabbing by way of proposing principles which are effortless to appreciate and have in mind, with workouts that entertain as they train.

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II tendit bras droit. KEY: a. sa b. son c. le 29 THE FRENCH THEY NEVER TAUGHT You B) Frangais/le frangais In French, names of languages are normally preceded by the definite article. Jaime le frangais. Only the verb parlor is followed by the name of the language without the article. Je parle frangais. The article can be used with the verb parler to mean / can speak French and not I'm speaking French (at this moment). Je parle le frangais. J'ecris le frangais. J'ecris le frangais means / can write French, whereas I'm writing in French (at this moment) is J'ecris en frangais.

Oui, c'est evident. Something previously mentioned (This is her dog. ) When it is directly refers to something that has been previously mentioned, French uses // est or c'est depending on the words following it is: a. If it is is followed by an adjective without a noun, French uses /'/ est: This is your room. It is rather small. Void votre chambre. Elle est plutot petite. b. If it is is followed by a noun (or a pronoun), French uses c'est: This is your room. It is a small room. Void votre chambre.

D) Gender Students lament the fact that it is impossible to know if a noun is masculine or feminine in French, without committing it to memory, and they claim that this difficulty constitutes a serious obstacle to learning the language. While it 36 GRAMMAR is true that learning the gender of French nouns is, for the most part, a result of living the language, consider for a moment the problem of the French speaker learning English. Every single time a French speaker pronounces an English word of more than one syllable, he must try to figure out where to put the stress.

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