How Many Moons Does the Earth Have?: The Ultimate Science by Brian Clegg

By Brian Clegg

Why did Uuq turn into Fl?
Why is the sky blue? Why is the sky black?
What is spaghettification?

There’s an issue with the common quiz. it usually gains a ways an excessive amount of game, Eighties pop and megastar gossip – and never approximately sufficient science.

How Many Moons Does the Earth Have? is the last word answer. try your wisdom to the restrict with a scorching choice of brain-stretching, science-based questions in eight-round quizzes.

Turn the web page to get the reply instantly – and as every one resolution web page explores the topic in additional intensity, this the one quiz that’s simply as exciting to learn from commencing to finish because it is to play competitively.

Where was once the large Bang? What hyperlinks the elephant Tusko and Timothy Leary? what's the value of 6EQUJ5? technology explainer extraordinaire Brian Clegg tells all…

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