Illustrated Dictionary of Practical Astronomy by C. R. Kitchin

By C. R. Kitchin

The goal of this booklet is two-fold. first of all to supply a convenient speedy resource of ref­ erence of the phrases, suggestions, tools, formulation, techniques, and so on. , for practicing observers, if it is their first glance through somebody else's small telescope, or whether or not they have spent a long time construction their very own tools, gazing with them and are on a regular basis generating effects to rival these of the pros. it isn't mostly aimed toward expert observers, yet with a view to be sufficiently compre­ hensive for its meant viewers, many entries were incorporated for you to be correct at that point. specifically although, the extra esoteric components of spectroscopy haven't been incorporated. References to express observatories are integrated if their instrumentation comprises optical telescopes over 1 m in diameter or radio dishes over 20 m. person entries for telescopes of four m or over are incorporated, and for the bigger radio tools, plus different telescopes that could be of curiosity for historic or different purposes (for instance the 1m Yerkes refractor). Spacecraft have more often than not no longer been integrated (apart from the Hubble area telescope) simply because their brief operating lives suggest that the majority present spacecraft will now not be working by the point that this e-book is released. additionally the names of spacecraft are usually replaced after release making it tough to spot which venture is which. References to advertisement agencies, and to a few extensively on hand advertisement items were includ­ ed, yet an proceeding patron must always receive updated information.

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Byurakan astrophysical observatory An optical observatory on Mount Aragatz, Armenia, altitude 1400 m. 6m telescope. 30 C band An X-ray band covering the wavelengths 5 nm to 10 nm. caesium iodide detector See scintillation detector. 2m and other large optical telescopes located on Calar Alto, Andalusia, altitude 2200 m. Caldwell catalog A catalog of 109 interesting objects for observing with small telescopes, developed in 1995 by Sir Patrick Caldwell Moore (1923-). The catalog mirrors the Messier catalog that has a similar number of objects within it.

It causes the plane of polarization to rotate), and so the prism has to be made in two halves from left and right-handed crystals that are then cemented together. Coronado A commercial firm manufacturing H-u filters. coronagraph 1 Solar - An instrument for observing the solar corona. The coronagraph produces an artificial eclipse by obscuring the solar photospheric disk with an occulting disk. The occulting disk may be inside the instrument, at the focus of the objective, or placed some distance in front of the objective.

See also: Hartmann formula; constringence. CBAT See Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams. CCD detector See panel (pages 37-38). celestial equator A great circle on the celestial sphere dividing it into northern and southern hemispheres. The celestial equator is the extension into space of the plane of the Earth's equator. celestial latitude A coordinate system, along with celestial longitude, for giving the positions of objects in the sky. The celestial latitude (symbol,~) is the angle, in degrees, up or down from the ecliptic, going from 00 to ±90°.

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