Inertial Navigation Systems with Geodetic Applications by Christopher Jekeli

By Christopher Jekeli

This publication covers all facets of inertial navigation platforms (INS), together with the sensor know-how and the estimation of software mistakes, in addition to their integration with the worldwide Positioning approach (GPS) for geodetic functions. whole mathematical derivations are given. either stabilized and strapdown mechanizations are taken care of intimately. Derived algorithms to strategy sensor information and a finished clarification of the mistake dynamics offer not just an analytical figuring out but additionally a realistic implementation of the strategies. A self-contained description of GPS, with emphasis on kinematic purposes, is without doubt one of the highlights during this book.The textual content is of interestto geodesists, together with surveyors, mappers, and photogrammetrists; to engineers in aviation, navigation, assistance, transportation, and robotics; and to scientists curious about aerogeophysics and distant sensing.

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