Inflectional Identity by Asaf Bachrach, Andrew Nevins

By Asaf Bachrach, Andrew Nevins

A recurrent factor in linguistic idea and psychology issues the cognitive prestige of memorized lists and their inner constitution. In morphological thought, the collections of inflected types of a given noun, verb, or adjective into inflectional paradigms are notion to represent one such kind of checklist. This ebook specializes in the query of which parts in a paradigm can stand in a relation of partial or overall phonological identification. best students examine inflectional id from various theoretical views, with an emphasis on either case experiences and predictive theories of the place syncretism and different ''paradigmatic pressures'' will happen in usual language. The authors reflect on phenomena equivalent to allomorphy and syncretism whereas exploring questions of underlying representations, the formal houses of markedness, and the featural illustration of conjugation and declension sessions. They accomplish that from the viewpoint of up to date theories of morphology and phonology, together with dispensed Morphology and Optimality concept, and within the context of a variety of languages, between them Amharic, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Saami, and Yiddish. the topics addressed within the ebook comprise the position of featural decomposition of morphosyntactic positive aspects, the prestige of paradigms because the unit of syncretism, uneven results in identity-dependence, and the choice of a base-of-derivation. The Bases of Inflectional Identity will curiosity linguists and cognitive scientists, in particular scholars and students of phonological concept and the phonology-morphology and mind-language interfaces at graduate point and above.

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The chapter by Adam Albright includes a proposal that learners single out a base of derivation (a “kennform” in the sense of Wurzel (1989)), which is the information-theoretically most informative surface form, and use this as the basis for inflectional identity. The chapter by Donca Steriade provides a case study in the relation between the paradigmatic structure of the nominal case system and denominal derivational morphology. Elaborating on Albright’s proposal, Steriade proposes that speakers make use of privileged members of the derived lexicon, “kennforms” in Wurzel (1989), and have access to potentially multiple bases from which identity effects derive.

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