Intensive Basic Latin: A Grammar and Workbook by Jean-François Mondon

By Jean-François Mondon

Intensive uncomplicated Latin: A Grammar and Workbook comprises a dynamic reference grammar and comparable routines in one quantity. The e-book provides 40 person grammar issues, protecting the center fabric which scholars might count on to come across of their first yr of studying Latin. Grammar issues are via contextualised examples and routines which enable scholars to enhance and consolidate their learning.

There is a selected emphasis all through on familiarising scholars with genuine, unadulterated Latin and the duty of teasing details from the Latin through translations. To this finish, there are matching routines with unedited Latin excerpts and tough English translations within the chapters, encouraging scholars to take a hands-on method of their studying. as well as this, a brief examining with regards to the adventures of Hercules is gifted on the finish of just about each bankruptcy; those readings, which turn into more and more complicated, supply the direction a robust feel of narrative solidarity and curiosity and supply scholars with possibilities to boost their comprehension and translation abilities.

Key good points include:

  • Clear, obtainable layout and jargon-free reasons of grammar
  • Many priceless language examples
  • Abundant and sundry workouts with complete resolution key 
  •  Controlled utilization of vocabulary all through, permitting scholars to be aware of build up their grammatical wisdom
  • Review chapters at periods through the textual content, offering routines in particular designed to consolidate wisdom of language issues coated
  • Useful English-Latin and Latin-English glossaries behind the book

Written through an skilled teacher, Intensive easy Latin: A Grammar and Workbook is a fantastic source for starting scholars of Latin. it may be used as a textbook, grammar reference and perform source and is acceptable either for sophistication use and self sustaining study.

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Example text

By means of the language the poet wrote a story. The farmers and their daughters entered battle. Do not do harm to the island. By means of luck the daughter of the goddess found the forest. The goddess destroyed the island by means of waves. The farmer saw the shadow of the gate. The anger of the goddess did not leave her memory. It is your punishment to bring water to the nymphs. 19 4 1st declension 18 Because of the stars and moon he found the loot in the country house. 19 He lost his soul on the flames of the altar.

Latin structure The Latin future, like the present (Units 2 and 3) and imperfect (Unit 9), is formed by the addition of endings. This clearly differs from the situation in English. Recall that the four conjugations differ only with respect to the vowel or vowels which occur before the endings (in the present tense) and stem extension -bā- (in the imperfect tense). This is not the situation in the future tense. Rather, • the 1st and 2nd conjugations take a stem extension. • the 3rd and 4th conjugations do not take a stem extension but only change their thematic vowel.

Modifies the adjective dīgna Vir pulcher comā est. modifies the adjective pulcher The man is beautiful with respect to hair. Nautae agricolās praedā praestant. The sailors surpass the farmers in loot. 8 Uses of the ablative I modifies the verb praestant Exercise 1 Determine which type of ablative the underlined portions would be if translated into Latin. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 We are walking with great care. He sells the goats for ten dollars. Out of fear they flee into the countryside.

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