Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology: The Musculoskeletal by Dr. Tommy Mitchell

By Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Only a grasp clothier, the author God of the universe, can be liable for such complexity within the human body!

  • An exploration of the awe-inspiring production that's the human body
  • God created our bodies which are either smooth and strong, in addition to exceedingly complex
  • Explore the constitution, functionality, and law of the physique in detail.

This junior excessive anatomy and body structure curriculum opens with the development blocks of the human physique - the cells. Even the bones and muscle mass that supply us power and velocity depend upon many sorts of cells. through the booklet you are going to research activities to maintain your physique fit, notwithstanding in a fallen, cursed global issues are absolute to get it wrong, equivalent to sickness and accidents. As our trip during the human physique progresses, it is going to be glaring that this exceptional constitution didn't come up accidentally. you'll comprehend why God encouraged the Psalm author to assert that the human physique is “fearfully and fantastically made”!

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Aging, obesity, trauma, or overuse can cause osteoarthritis, especially in larger joints like knees and hips. In rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a person’s own immune system attacks the body’s own tissues, often attacking the joints of smaller bones like those Osteoporosis Normal bone in the hands. 56 Broken Bones Have you ever broken a bone? It wasn’t very pleasant, was it? Sort of reminded you that we live in a fallen, sin-cursed world, right? Obviously, a broken bone is not only very painful but it cannot function normally.

The kidney cannot function without the ureters and the bladder. The lungs would be useless without the nose, the trachea, and the bronchial tubes to bring air to them and the diaphragm to help the chest cavity to expand and draw air in. No part of the digestive tract would do you any good if the other parts weren’t there for food to travel through as it gets digested. M PL Did you know that some cells are designed to self-destruct? This process is called programmed cell death. Our Creator designed this process to eliminate worn out cells, but that’s not all!

They are coiled and intertwined and cross-linked to each other. In fact, ounce for ounce, a common type of collagen fiber is stronger than steel! The cells must manufacture the fibers and the ground substance that make up connective tissue. Without connective tissue we would fall apart. TAKING A CLOSER LOOK Types of Neurons Multipolar neuron Motor neuron Pyramidal neuron Dendrites Axon Bipolar neuron Retinal neuron Olfactory neuron Dendrites Purkinje cell Dendrites Nerve cells are called neurons.

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