Introduction to Latin (2nd Edition) by Susan C. Shelmerdine

By Susan C. Shelmerdine

Advent to Latin, moment version is a college-level introductory Latin textbook designed with a streamlined circulate that enables it to be accomplished in a single yr. A concise and uncluttered procedure encourages scholars to target what they "need to know." Grammar is positioned in the context of studying fluency.

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Friend animus, animī m. war casa, casae f. house, hut cōnsilium, cōnsiliī n. plan, advice dominus, dominī m. master, lord dōnum, dōnī n. gift, present locus, locī m. place, position (in pl. girl rēgnum, rēgnī n. kingdom, royal power vir, virī m. man; occasionally “husband” Verbs audeō, audēre, ausus sum to dare clāmō, clāmāre, clāmāvī, clāmātus to shout dubitō, dubitāre, dubitāvī, dubitātus to hesitate, doubt rīdeō, rīdēre, rīsī, rīsus to laugh, laugh at soleō, solēre, solitus sum to be accustomed Coordinating Conjunctions et and et ...

5. Amīcus tacet. 6. Amīce tacē. 18. Genitive Case Remember that the genitive singular is the second form listed in the dictionary entry for nouns and helps identify the declension of the noun (§11): Gen. sg. Gen. pl. 1st Declension puellae puellārum 2nd Declension locī locōrum The genitive case is usually best translated “of ______” and can indicate several different relationships between a noun and another word. Two of the most common uses of the genitive are to show: • • Possession the book of the girl (the girl’s book) liber puellae the spirit of the man (the man’s spirit) animus virī Of the Whole (Partitive) - the genitive expresses the whole of which a part is mentioned a crowd of men turba virōrum nēmō fēminārum no one of the women (none of the women) Exercise 21.

Agricola nautaque dōna laudant. 15. Reading Latin: Using Expectations In order to read successfully (in any language), it is necessary to have a sense of what makes a complete sentence. In English we expect a simple statement to appear in the order subject + verb + direct object (“the woman praises the boy”), and we become so accustomed to this pattern that we don’t think about it as we read. Similarly, if we see the verb “hit,” we know the sentence is not complete without a direct object (§4).

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