It's So Amazing!. A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, by Robie H. Harris

By Robie H. Harris

"An remarkable ebook. . . . Meets the wishes of these in-between or curious children who're now not prepared, developmentally or emotionally, for It’s completely Normal."Booklist (starred review)

How does a child commence? What makes a child male or girl? How is a toddler born? teenagers have lots of questions on replica and babies—and approximately intercourse and sexuality, too. It’s So impressive! provides the answers—with enjoyable, exact, comic-book-style art and a transparent, full of life textual content that displays the pursuits of kids age seven and up in how issues paintings, whereas giving them a fit realizing in their our bodies. Created by means of the writer and illustrator of It’s completely basic, this forthright and humorous publication has been newly up to date for its 15th anniversary.

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Oh my! We’re talking about babies again! Some people call sexual intercourse “sex” So IT’S all about love! ” When people grow up, having sex is one way to show their love No comment again . . for each other. ” Grown-ups also make love when they are not planning to make a baby because it can feel good to be so close to each other. Sexual intercourse may seem gross or nice, I don’t know if it’s gross, funny, scary, weird, or cool! scary or funny, weird or cool — or even No comment . . about IT!

Or at the movies—if she’s snoozing. 52 It’s So AmazinG! I’d tell it, “It’s the middle of the night! ” I’d talk to the fetus or sing it a lullaby! Sometimes the doctor or nurse will take a moving computer picture of the fetus while it is inside the uterus. This type of picture is taken to make sure that the fetus is growing well and is healthy. ” If you watch the computer screen, you might see the fetus move its hands and legs, or blink, or suck its thumb, or move around, or even turn over. You might be able to see its heart beating.

36 It’s So AmazinG! The egg then closes up and does not let any of the other sperm enter. The moment a single sperm pushes itself inside the egg, the sperm and egg become one cell — the beginning cell of a baby. ” As the united cell travels through the And after traveling through the Fallopian tube, it divides over and over tube for about five days . . again and becomes a ball of cells. . the ball of cells finally reaches the uterus. By this time, it has about one hundred cells. A lot of cells— not a lot of days!

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