Jaguar (Cars) by Michael Bradley

By Michael Bradley

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Accessories Objects or features added to increase comfort or beauty. crave To really want something. cylinder the long, rounded chamber in which a piston moves in the engine of a car, providing power. The more cylinders in a motor, the more power it generates. debuted Appeared in public for the first time. devoted Loyal. economy The way a country manages its money. extraordinary Very special, outstanding. hood ornament A figure or design on the front of a car’s hood. It is often the car company’s logo.

Change gears, move forward or backward, or go faster. small attached to a motorcycle that allows a passenger to ride HavingAlots of car extra, often expensive, features. alongthat withisthe Something of driver. a high quality and is attractive to wealthy Smooth, shiny, and having a sharp, almost glowing appearance. people. Imitates something in a funny way. supercharged When an engine is supplied with extra charge, or power. tousled Messy, usually in reference to hair or clothes. Union Jack The nickname of Great Britain’s red, white, and blue flag.

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