Joint Approaches to Social Policy: Rationality and Practice by Linda Challis

By Linda Challis

This publication is worried, in essence with the search for rationality in determination making, and is based at the premise that advancements within the equipment of decision-making can really bring about higher judgements. the various projects of the Nineteen Sixties and Nineteen Seventies, confirmed in particular to foster larger coverage coordination have fallen foul of the replaced political weather of the Eighties, during which the pressures of the promoting position became the primary determinant of coverage formation. sarcastically, although, this shift has resulted in renewed curiosity in coverage coordination and, in Joint methods to Social coverage, the authors search to supply a transparent figuring out of its truth, instead of rhetoric.

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Coordination strategies carry an authoritativeringof technical competence and planning... The most obvious point is that integration of human services makes sense ... A reform strategy that claims to bring order out of chaos becomes very appealing. There is a deep and pervasive vein of current conventional wisdom, namely that all things should be unified, quantified, ordered, consolidated and computerised ... Unification is good, duplication is bad ... official order is safe, pluralistic order is less than safe.

Rationality - the history of an idea 17 The point can be illustrated by considering the organisational manifesto of the Heath government: its 1970 White Paper on The Reorganisation of Central Government35. This not only expounded its philosophy of efficiency through rationality but also announced the birth of the Central Policy Review Staff which was subsequently to publish A Joint Framework. The aim of the 1970 White Paper was to 'improve the quality of policy formulation and decisionmaking in Government'.

THE 'OPTIMISTIC' TRADITION The 'optimistic' tradition is characterised by persistence in the face of recurring disappointments; it follows a cyclical pattern of enthusiasm, disillusionment and resurrection. Its rhetoric is enduring because it evokes commitment to a particular way of viewing the world: Thefirstof the shared commitments is to rationality. Coordination strategies carry an authoritativeringof technical competence and planning... The most obvious point is that integration of human services makes sense ...

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