Language Contact and Lexical Enrichment in Israeli Hebrew by G. Zuckermann

By G. Zuckermann

Israeli Hebrew is a spoken language, 'reinvented' over the process the 20 th century. It has spoke back to the social calls for of the newly rising nation, in addition to to escalating globalization, with a vigorously constructing lexicon, enriched by way of touch with a number of overseas languages. during this distinctive and rigorous learn, the writer offers a principled type of neologisms, their semantic fields and the jobs of resource languages, in addition to a sociolinguistic learn of purists' and usual local audio system' attitudes in the direction of lexical enrichment. His research of the stress among linguistic creativity and the maintenance of a unique langauge id takes the dialogue past the case of Israeli Hebrew, via cutting edge comparisons with different languages. at first of the 3rd millennium, our global is characterised via all over the world conversation and the huge distribution of technological and talknological units. The mobility of the note respects no borders and the level of that mobility will not be paralleled even in destiny (less heterogeneous) generations. The research of the modes and dynamics of language touch may well infrequently be extra well timed.

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Fin. jaloviina literally means 'noble liquor', fromjalo 'noble' + viina 'liquor' (cf. viini 'wine'), and is nowadays not as popular as it used to be after the Second World War. While yellow wine could be referred to as a PSM, three beans is a PM tout court. However, the difference between PM and PSM does not form a discrete system but rather a continuum. In other words, many PSMs could well be regarded as semanticized PMs (henceforth SPMs), that is PMs rationalized semantically only after the neologizer had chosen the TL nativizing material that is phonetically similar to the SL lexical item.

The root urn jbrf, which derives from nunan mivreshet, is currently fitted into several verb-patterns, most commonly hiOOiO, cf. wnnn hivrish 'brushed (up) (m, sg)\ Consequently, one can find HTO Vftr/in the dictionary. na brosh 'cypress, Cupressus' because a brush resembles cypress leaves. Thus, secondary derivatives might make it impossible to spot a morphemic adaptation by consulting a simple dictionary (and finding that the root of the lexical item at stake does not exist independently). The solution, then, is to check a dictionary from the period of the neologization.

E>)I tram Mbit 'Bobbin*, the name of the American whose wife cut off his penis. This name has been subject to punning reanalyses such as Bob it! Note that one of the many meanings of E bob is 'cut short (the hair of a woman)' cf. E bob (n) 'style of haircut which is even all round (a la Jeanne d'Arc)*. >)ColloqI miT zub(b)i 'willy, dick' - cf. the synonymous Colloql ViaVa bulbul and WDpipi. b. Introducing a new sememe to an Israeli word: • • SlangI pra bizon 'new recruit, rookie' < 1. (Intl>)I lira bizon 'bison' (a slow animal) (cf.

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