Learning and memory / 4. Molecular mechanisms of memory by J. David Sweatt

By J. David Sweatt

This absolutely revised second edition provides the one unified synthesis of obtainable info about the mechanisms of higher-order reminiscence formation. It spans the variety from studying thought, to human and animal behavioral studying versions, to mobile body structure and biochemistry. it really is specific in its incorporation of chapters on reminiscence issues, tying in those clinically very important syndromes with the elemental technology of synaptic plasticity and reminiscence mechanisms. It additionally covers state-of-the-art techniques corresponding to using genetically engineered animals in stories of reminiscence and reminiscence illnesses. Written in a fascinating and simply readable type and greatly illustrated with many new, full-color figures to aid clarify key innovations, this e-book demystifies the complexities of reminiscence and deepens the reader’s figuring out.

  • More than 25% new content material, relatively increasing the scope to incorporate new findings in translational examine.
  • Unique in its intensity of insurance of molecular and mobile mechanisms
  • Extensive cross-referencing to finished studying and reminiscence
  • Discusses clinically correct reminiscence issues within the context of recent molecular study and contains various functional examples

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