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Das Thema soll in einen Grenzbereich der Materialwirtschaft führen, der durch die tagespolitischen Ereignisse immer größere Bedeutung für die Unternehmung gewinnt. Naturgemäß ist in einer marktorientierten Gesellschaft das verkaufs­ fähige Produkt da~ Objekt aller Anstrengungen und Leistungen. Produktion und Verkauf stehen im Blickpunkt, andere Bereiche werden als notwendig be­ trachtet, während das Gebiet der Entsorgung innerhalb der Unternehmung zu­ nächst ohne besondere Beachtung bleibt.

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For a girl,” said Jamal. 8 Coach told Jessica not to move from the center circle. She was not to kick the ball. She was there to make up the numbers. The teams lined up, ready to play. The boys on the Sharks team pointed at Jessica. They laughed at her because her shirt was so big. It reached her knees. “It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t even kick the ball. With eleven players, we’ll be able to play the game. Welcome to the Red Dragons,” said Coach. Jessica beamed a huge smile. 9 10 The Sharks were a very good team.

7 You can find insect eggs everywhere, if you know where to look. Most insects lay their eggs near the food they like to eat. Moths and butterflies lay eggs underneath leaves. Dung beetles lay eggs in balls of animal poop. Many flies lay eggs on meat. Some insects even lay eggs on other animals. 8 Many insects make special cases to protect their eggs. One insect puts foam around its eggs. You may have seen this “cuckoo spit” in tall grass. Many insects lay eggs in pools, ponds, or streams. Others lay their eggs underground.

7. The Sharks were a very ( good bad ) team. SKILL: COMPREHENSION 8. At half time, the Sharks had a ( higher lower ) score than the Red Dragons. 9. A spectacular goal is a ( great long ) goal. 10. Jessica decided it was time to ( help stop ).

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