Livestock Epigenetics by Hasan Khatib

By Hasan Khatib

Content material:
Chapter 1 Epigenetics of Mammalian Gamete and Embryo improvement (pages 3–25): Nelida Rodriguez?Osorio, Sule Dogan and Erdogan Memili
Chapter 2 Epigenetics of Cloned Preimplantation Embryos of family Animals (pages 27–42): X. Cindy Tian and Sadie L. Marjani
Chapter three Roles of Imprinted Genes in Fertility and provides of the Genome?Wide applied sciences (pages 43–57): Ashley motive force, Wen Huang and Hasan Khatib
Chapter four Sheep as an Experimental version for Human artwork: Novel Insights on Phenotypic adjustments in ART?Derived Sheep Conceptuses (pages 59–71): Pasqualino Loi, Antonella D'Agostino, Marta Czernik, Federica Zacchini, Paola Toschi, Antonella Fidanza and Grazyna Ptak
Chapter five The DLK1?DIO3 Imprinted Gene Cluster and the Callipyge Phenotype in Sheep (pages 73–88): Christopher A. Bidwell, Ross L. Tellam, Jolena N. Waddell, Tony Vuocolo, Tracy S. Hadfield and Noelle E. Cockett
Chapter 6 Genomic Imprinting and Imprinted Gene Clusters within the Bovine Genome (pages 89–111): Ikhide G. Imumorin, Sunday O. Peters and Marcos De Donato
Chapter 7 Imprinting in Genome research: Modeling Parent?Of?Origin results in QTL reports (pages 113–129): Suzanne Rowe, Stephen Bishop and D. J. de Koning
Chapter eight Epigenetics and Animal healthiness (pages 131–145): Juan Luo, Ying Yu and Jiuzhou Song
Chapter nine Epigenetics and MicroRNAs in Animal healthiness (pages 147–160): Fei Tian and Jiuzhou Song
Chapter 10 food and Epigenetics in Bovine Cells (pages 161–177): Cong?Jun Li, Robert W. Li and Ted H. Elsasser

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2002), and histone acetylation appears to be the main modification in oogenesis. , 2003). , 2004). Obvious histone modifications during preimplantation embryo development occur in the male pronucleus. , 1997). After the male pronucleus protamines have been replaced by histones, monomethylation of H3K4, K9, and K27 can be detected (Lepikhov and Walter, 2004). , 2005). Chromatin remodeling Chromatin remodeling is extensive and occurs during early embryogenesis. A particular property of the embryonic chromatin structure is that it prevents the promoters in the genome from accessing the embryo’s transcriptional machinery.

2003 Human C14MC primatesmicroRNA gene cluster Placenta development Embryos Mouse TERRA/TelRNA Telomeric function Cell lines Keratinocyte Fibroblast oocyte, one-cell zygote, two-cell embryo, four-cell embryo, and eight-cell embryo MII, 8- to 16-cell embryos, blastocysts and ICM Human 3,019 Long ncRNA ? , 2007 (See References in Carletti and Christenson, 2009). , 2010. 2. , 2007 (See References in Carletti and Christenson, 2009). Sperm cells Bovine miRNAs Pro-apoptotic function miRNA mediated post-transcriptional gene regulation during early embryonic development Fertility marker Male germline, spermatocytes, Mammals sncRNAs ?

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