Lo Schermo diAngelo Viggiani

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Review of Developments in Transport in Asia and the Pacific 2005

The evaluate, a biennial booklet, is based into 3 major elements. half I describes the surroundings during which the delivery quarter is constructing and the relevant demanding situations that this surroundings poses to governments, the shipping and society at huge. half II specializes in tracing the numerous improvement of roads, railways, delivery, ports, inland waterways and air shipping industries and infrastructure within the quarter.

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87 CON: And if in this same guardia alta, offensiva, imperfetta, I delivered a mezo mandritto, which did not reach the ground, but that stopped halfway through its path, not passing myself at the knee in this way, with all the aforesaid turns of the body, the hand, and the feet, ending with the sword held firm; tell me then what blow would that be? 88 ROD: It would be a mezo mandritto, offensivo, imperfetto; it would be offensive, falling from the right side; imperfect, being a cut and not a thrust; and this mezo mandritto places you in the guardia stretta, difensiva, perfetta, you see?

ROD: You speak the truth; I have seen it used by the Signor Conte Guido, a man not very tall of body (although towering in valor), and chiefly with the unaccompanied sword. 85 Now when you are in the guardia alta, offensiva, imperfetta, such that the point of your sword points to the right (still with the right foot forward), you can make a mandritto [73V] thus, that descends down to the ground, and do all those turns of the body, of the hands, and of the feet, that I told to you in the punta sopramano, offensiva, perfetta; and this mandritto will be a full blow, and a full, offensive, imperfect tempo.

75R] CON: Why “larga”? 90 ROD: For the same reason that we called our fourth guard “larga”; “offensiva”, for being on the right side. CON: Very well, on to the seventh guard. ) and this blow will be a mezo rovescio, not having made other than half the path of an entire rovescio, and it will frame you in a guardia stretta, offensiva, which will be our seventh. [75V] Settima guardia stretta, offensiva, perfetta, formed from the mezo rovescio difensivo, from which one will be able to reset into guardia alta, offensiva, perfetta.

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