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ARTS a set of letters in a particular order, used in writing a language: the Greek alphabet [ORIGIN: 1500— 1600 Late Latin alphabetum, from Greek, from alpha + beta] al·pha·bet·i·cal /"ælf@'bEÔIk@l/ adj. arranged according to the letters of the alphabet: books in alphabetical order —alphabetically adv. 'alpha "particle n. [C] PHYSICS a PARTICLE (=a very small piece of matter) with a positive charge, that consists of two PROTON s and two NEUTRON s and is sent out by some RADIOACTIVE substances al·pine /'ælpaIn/ adj.

A trade ➔ HELP 1 agreement | Lawyers on both sides finally reached an agreement. 2 [U] a situation in which two or 2 aid and abet LAW to help someone do something more people have the same opinion as each other illegal ANT disagreement: All of us were in agreement. , aid /eId/ n. [C] someone whose job is to help agri"cultural revo'lution n. 1 the Agricul- aide someone in a more important position: a nurse’s tural Revolution HISTORY a period a long time ago aide when people first began to grow crops and raise AIDS /eIdz/ n.

1 [I,T] to have the same opinion ah /A/ interjection used in order to show surprise, as someone else ANT disagree: I agree with happiness, etc. or that you have just understood Karen. It’s much too expensive. c Don’t say “I am something: Ah, yes, I see what you mean. ” b | Most experts agree that global warming a·ha /A'hA/ interjection said when you suddenly is a serious problem. | Mike and I certainly don’t understand or realize something: Aha! So that’s agree on/about everything. where you’ve been hiding!

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