Mao's Crusade: Politics and Policy Implementation in China's by Alfred L. Chan

By Alfred L. Chan

Chan's exhaustive learn, utilizing new fabric made to be had within the post-Mao period in addition to documents from the Fifties and Sixties, has yielded novel insights into Mao, vital decision-making, and coverage implementation within the communist hierarchy.

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39 The Plenum acceded to his wishes, although no formal declaration was made. Mao's notion that the principal contradiction was still the struggle between the proletariat and the capitalists and between socialism and capitalism was influenced by the events in Eastern Europe and the Anti-Rightist Campaign. 40 If capitalism was the chief danger, and if Mao was the defender of the socialist transition, then struggle would be more uncompromising. 41 35 Chen Yun, Chen Yun Wenxuan (Selected Works of Chen Yun) (Beijing: Renmin chubanshe, 1995) iii (1956--85), 78, 387, n.

73 Mao Weikan, xiB. 8. Other accounts claim that Mao telephoned from Moscow, criticizing fanmaojin, urging the term should never be mentioned again, as it was necessary to be `rash' (mao) to build socialism. Xiao Donglian, Xie Chuntao, Zhu Di, and Qiao Jining, Qiusuo Zhongguo: `Wenge' Qian Shinian Shi (China's quest: A history of the decade before the `Cultural Revolution') (Beijing: Hongqi chubanshe, 1999), i. ), Gongheguo Zhongda Juece de Lailong Qumai (The origins and development of the PRC's major policies) (Nanjing: Jiangsu renmin chubanshe, 1995), 260.

Puts the date as 21 July. 51 Mao Weikan, xiA. 199; Bo Yibo, Huigu, ii. 636. The edited and polished version in Mao, Xuanji, v. 466, 474--5 omits the figures. 52 Ibid. 474. ), Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Gongye Dashiji, 1949--1990 (A chronology of major events in the industrial sector in the PRC, 1949--1990) (Changsha: Hunan chubanshe, 1992), 14. 53 Mao, Xuanji, v. 469. 28 Policy Formulation Under a Dominant Mao However, on the issue of economic decentralization, the first-ever attempt to reform the country's economic system, Mao and the planners were more in tune with one another, at least for the time being.

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