Mastering the Chess Openings volume 4 by John Watson

By John Watson

Helps chess-players in attaining a extra holistic view of the openings

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Jtg2. Depending upon what you think of Black's alternatives in the next two notes, you may prefer other ways to get to the starting point of this system. Jtg2 (or 4 b3, but this still allows the trick 4 ... ; compare the next note) 4 ... Jtg4 (or4 ... JtfS) S b3. Then S... Jtxf3!? Jtxf3 'ii'd4?! doesn't win White's cpawn because of 8 'ii'b3! (D). B After 8 .. :iVxal? Jtb2 with further gain of time) 9 'iixb7 White threatens checkmate on c8. His other threat, 0-0, tLlc3 and 'ii'xa8, may seem slow yet there's little The Double Fianchetto .

Dxe4), or when White brings a knight to c4 or e4. Play usually continues 8 d3 0-0 9 lbbd2. Now there are several accepted defences, including 9 ... a5 10 a3 'fib6. The modem favourite (inspired by some very old games) is 9 ... 'fib8! (D), with the ideas of ... e5 and ... 'fic7 and lIcl. ih5 11 l:tel a5 12 lbfl?! (sometimes White plays this manoeuvre when Black's bishop is still on g4, so that lbe3 comes with tempo; lba3-c2-e3 is another path, but here it appears rather pointless) 12 ... ig6 14lbh4 a4 15 lbxg6 hxg6 16 'iVc2 b5 with a space advantage for Black.

F6 13 'iVe3, Goodwin-Mansson, Coventry 200S, and here 13 ... cxdS! tfS eyes d3 for the bishop or knight and seems safe enough. 6 cxd5 cxd5?! From now on Black has problems with his light-squared bishop, as demonstrated by a number of games. Yet the alternative 6... lbxdS (D) gives White a central majority and lets him play for advantage in an instructive fashion. a) Quite a few games have featured 7 lbc3. lbxc3 8 bxc3lbd7 9lbxd7 'iVxd7 10 38 MASTERING THE CHESS OPENINGS w ltb1 b6 11 d4 e6 approaches equality.

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