Mastering the Najdorf by Julen Arizmendi

By Julen Arizmendi

The Najdorf is the preferred line of the Sicilian Defence for an outstanding cause: Black can play for a win with out taking undue dangers. The Najdorf's basic soundness has been proven in numerous top-level video games, and specifically by way of Garry Kasparov's profitable use of it all through his occupation. White has attempted a large choice of ways opposed to the Najdorf, together with quiet positional strains and the normal major line with 6 Bg5. lately the assumption of a fast kingside pawn increase has came across favour. The Najdorf's panorama alterations speedily, and this offers its devotees with a posh activity: they need to not just maintain updated with sharp theoretical strains, yet also needs to have a company seize of the ideas that underpin the most structures, either previous and new. This publication lends a assisting hand to people who play the Najdorf or desire to take in this advanced commencing. Najdorf specialists from Spain current a versatile repertoire for Black, together with a wealth of unique research of the serious adaptations. in addition they clarify the main rules in the back of the Najdorf, targeting these plans which are such a lot correct to trendy practice.

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