Microsoft Access 2003 Forms, Reports, and Queries (Business by Paul McFedries

By Paul McFedries

By way of job-productivity, all of us are looking to manage to practice good, specially by way of not easy assignments. someone who works with Microsoft entry regularly understands that this application can end up to be probably the most demanding. while you are trying to find how to get the main you could out of the first entry projects, Microsoft entry 2003 kinds, experiences and Queries is the training device that you simply want. Focusing in simple terms at the varieties, studies and queries services, this ebook offers you functional knowledge, real-world examples and strategies for you to placed to take advantage of instantly. learn how to condense mountains of knowledge into potential molehills of valuable wisdom, that you can practice at your most sensible!

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Access Forms & Reports For Dummies

Create queries that make varieties and experiences worthwhile boost types to entry the information you would like and make studies that make experience! if you happen to notion you needed to use a spreadsheet application to provide studies and kinds, wager what! entry can prove great-looking types and reviews that really express what is going on together with your information -- if you happen to understand how to invite it well.

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Text values are also called strings, and I use both terms interchangeably in this book. NOTE The built-in text functions enable you to perform fairly powerful operations on strings. With these functions, you can convert numbers to strings, change lowercase letters to uppercase (and vice versa), compare two strings, and more. 6 summarizes the builtin Access text functions. The function tables in this chapter are not meant to be exhaustive. That is, highlight the function in the Expression Builder window and then choose Help.

With calculated columns you can create extremely sophisticated queries that use the full power of Access’ expression-building features. Here are just a few examples: ■ Suppose you have a table of products with a UnitPrice field and you want to display a new column that shows the unit price for each product plus a 5% increase. 05 ■ Suppose you have a table of orders that contains a UnitPrice field and a Quantity field and want a new column that shows the order total. You can do that by creating a calculated column based on this expression: ■ Suppose you have a table of employees that includes FirstName and LastName fields and you want to see the names combined.

If you type the function name correctly, Access will recognize the name and convert it to its correct case (in all Access functions, at least the first letter is capitalized). If Access doesn’t convert the name’s case, it means you misspelled it. For each argument placeholder, you substitute an appropriate value. For example, in the FV() function, you substitute rate with a decimal value between 0 and 1, nper with an integer, and pmt with a dollar amount. Arguments can take any of the following forms: Using the Built-In Functions ■ Literal alphanumeric values ■ Expressions ■ Results of other functions 49 Using Text Functions In Access, text is any collection of alphanumeric characters that isn’t a numeric value, a date or time value, a logical value, or an expression that returns any of these values.

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