Molecular Aspects of Anticancer Drug-DNA Interactions by Stephen Neidle, Michael J. Waring (eds.)

By Stephen Neidle, Michael J. Waring (eds.)

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As our knowledge of the precise mechanisms, and relative importance of, different alkylating agent-DNA interactions increases, coupled with an understanding of the relative importance and biological consequence of damage and repair at critical genomic sites, it may be possible to synthesize more efficient and selective agents. As a class the alkylating agents are likely to continue to play an important role in cancer chemotherapy in the future. References Arcamone, F. , Giuliani, F. , Penco, S.

2 A, thereby affording an unambiguous view of the structure of the complexes as well as their solvent environment. In addition, the isomorphism of those crystals facilitates structure determination using the molecular replacement method. One concern is related to the fact that those complexes, crystallized in the same P4 1212 lattice, may adopt a particular conformation favoured by the lattice packing. This has been shown not to be the case by at least two lines of strong evidence, discussed in detail later in this chapter.

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