More Bitter Than Death: A Novel by Camilla Grebe, Åsa Träff

By Camilla Grebe, Åsa Träff

Its arainy night in a Stockholm suburb and five-year-old Tilda is hiding below thekitchen desk fiddling with her crayons whilst a guy enters and beats her motherto loss of life in chilly blood. the single witness, Tilda cant really see the assassin orfigure out who he's. yet shes nonetheless a witness.

Acrosstown, Siri Bergman and her ally, Aina, are supporting their outdated pal Vijaywith a examine undertaking on household abuse. They host a weekly self-help groupfor survivors, and over the process numerous darkish, wet evenings, those womenshare their tales of most unlikely love, violence, and humiliation. whilst theboyfriend of 1 of the ladies seems to be a main suspect in a high-profilemurder case, it isnt lengthy ahead of Siri unearths herself embroiled in theinvestigation. yet as she attracts towards discovering the assassin, unexpecteddevelopments in her personal lifestyles strength her to ask yourself: Can she discover ways to belief a managain even with being surrounded by means of ladies who've been so deeply betrayed bylove?

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