Multilevel English grammar programme: Level 2 Student's Book by John Shepherd

By John Shepherd

This article is a part of a language path that offers systematic assurance of the entire key goods of English grammar wanted by way of secondary and grownup scholars. It contains graded perform and routines designed to stimulate in addition to to augment figuring out.

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Structuring Sense: Volume II: The Normal Course of Events

Structuring feel explores the adaptation among phrases although outlined and buildings although developed. It units out to illustrate over 3 volumes, of which this is often the 1st, that the reason of linguistic competence could be shifted from lexical access to syntactic constitution, from reminiscence of phrases to manipulation of ideas.

Modes of Occurrence: Verbs, Adverbs and Events

Ranging from the location recursive conception of fact is significant to a conception of which means, this booklet investigates the issues adverbs pose for systematic semantics. Barry Taylor argues that the hitherto promising "predicate modifier" strategy fails to deal with the extra refined difficulties of adverbial constitution and that Donald Davidson's substitute - to construe adverbs as adjectives on occasions - can purely paintings inside of a metaphysical concept of the character of occasions.

Determinants of Grammatical Variation in English

The standards investigated within the quantity contain the next: phonological affects (such because the precept of rhythmic alternation and optimum syllable structure), frequency, pervasive semantic and pragmatic facets (including iconicity, markedness, grammaticalization and typological tendencies), info constitution, processing complexity and horror aequi (the avoidance of id effects).

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On that seat; the paint's wet! you . the new film at the Odeon? No, I haven't. I ..... to see it tomorrow. you ...... to come? Thank you, I'd like that. Carol is now 20 yearc old, and she .............. her degree soon. She ... an interview tomorrow for a job as an assistant in an estate agency. She .. not ..... interviews! She is not sure what they . her at the interview, and tomorrow she .. with her father. If she gets the job, Carol .............. for a few years, but she ...... to get married later.

1 'What ..... do tomorrow? It's Saturday. do any work! 2 I'm feeling tired, so I . 3 I ..... visit a friend of mine in the country. be a nice day. The weather man said so. 4 'We11, it .... USE IA 'We GOING TO when we are talking about our TO, or INTEND TO. use desires or intentions. It's similar to VANT I'm going to see that film on Friday. (want to, intend to) I'm going to call the police. " B 'We GOING TO when we can see that something evidence of it in the present: also use is going to happen, because there is Look at those black clouds!

People ...... travel to Mars next year. travel to Mars in 10 years. people .............. travel to Mars one day. start tomorrow. the third world war . start in the next century. the third world war . _l @ Now you. Using the same expressions, complete these sentences about yourself, using expressions from the box above and WILL or WON'T, as in the example. w*'L.. 1 .. 2 3 4 5 6 7 do well in my next examrnatlon. play in the Olympic Games. learn to speak English one day. be a famous ballet dancer in 10 years.

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