Muscles (The Amazing Human Body) by L. H. Colligan

By L. H. Colligan

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This gives your muscles a chance 52 Muscle I njuries to get conditioned. Increase activity levels in new and old sports slowly, 10 percent at a time. That means if you have been practicing an hour with no pain, just add another six minutes at a time. If you would like to add another mile to running, just run a tenth of a mile more a day until you reach your goal without soreness. Or add a one-pound weight if you usually do weightlifting exercises with ten-pound weights. If you do happen to get DOMS after a too-fast, too-long workout, here are some tips for dealing with muscle soreness.

This pushing is called peristalsis. 32 A cross-section of part of the large intestine shows the muscles that help to move food and nutrients through the digestive tract. Inside the stomach, several layers of smooth muscles churn the chewed food. During this time, gastric acids and enzymes break down the food. Further peristalsis by the smooth muscles in the stomach moves processed liquids and solids into the small intestines. Tiny structures in the small intestines carry nutrients from the digested food into a vein lined with smooth muscles.

A severe groin pull can make it impossible for the injured person to walk until the muscle is repaired, or it heals. Special groin exercises can help strengthen these muscles so that they are less likely to get injured. Back muscle strains anytime someone stretches back muscles too far. When that happens, the injured person may not be able to move or even get out of bed for a few days. Adults are much more likely to suffer from back muscle strains than children or adolescents. Risk factors include being out of shape, being overweight, and not lifting heavy 54 This person has torn a muscle in his bicep.

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