Musings on the Meno by John E. Thomas (auth.)

By John E. Thomas (auth.)

The pursuits of this e-book are to supply a brand new translation of Plato's M eno including a chain of reports on its philcisophical argument within the mild of contemporary secondary literature. My translation is predicated customarily at the Oxford Classical textual content, 1. Burnet's Platonis Opera (Oxford Clarendon Press 1900) Vol. III. along with this i've got made broad use of R.S. Bluck's Plato's Meno (Cam­ bridge collage Press, 1964). At severe locations within the discussion i've got additionally consulted A. Croiset's Gorgias, Menon (Bude text). My debt ~o different assets can be essentially in facts. they're E.S. Thompson's Plato's Meno (London, MacMillan 1901), and St. George Stock's The Meno of Plato (Oxford Clarendon Press, 1894). one of many maximum problems dealing with a translator is to accomplish a stability among accuracy and style. Literal translations usually tend to be actual, yet, unfortunately, in addition they are usually duller. loose translations run into the other possibility of deciding to buy splendor and liveliness with the coin of inaccuracy. one other hurdle, for a translator of a Platonic discussion, is posed via the problem to keep up the conversational development and quick­ relocating personality of the dialogue. this is often more uncomplicated the place the exchang~s are brief, yet even more tricky the place Socrates will get a bit long-winded.

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32 TRANSLATION TO THE MENO 74e MEN. Soc. MEN. Soc. MEN. Soc. 75a 75b MEN. Soc. MEN. Soc. MEN. Soc. MEN. SOC. 75c MEN. Soc. MEN. that. " I do. In saying this, do you mean to say that roundness is no more round than straight and straightness no more straight than round? No, that is not what I meant. Then what you mean is that roundness is no more a figure than straightness, and conversely? Quite true. Try, then, to tell me what is this thing called "figure"? " Take a stab at it, for it will be good practice for your answer about virtue.

MEN. Yes, Socrates, and we were right to do so. Soc. But, my fnend, don't suppose as long as virtue as a whole is still at issue, that you can explain it to anyone in terms of its parts, or by that sort of explanation. Otherwise, you will have to face the same old question over again: What is this virtue about which you say the kinds of things you do? Or do you see no force in my remarks? MEN. I think what you say is correct. TRANSLATION TO THE MENO 39 Soc. Then, answer me by making a fresh start.

For it is not the case that I am clear on the matters about which I perplex others. Rather I infect them with my own puzzlement. So now concerning virtue, I do not know what it is. Furthermore, while you may have known what it was before you made contact with me, you now appear to be in the same boat as I am. Nevertheless I am prepared to inquire with you into the nature of virtue. MEN. But Socrates, how will you investigate what you know nothing SOa SOb SOc SOd 51 79e6. "ho etairos" = Gorgias.

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