Mycoplasma Diseases of Ruminants: by Robin Nicholas

By Robin Nicholas

Mycoplasmas are the smallest of free-living organisms and are intermediate among viruses and micro organism. Many species thrive as parasites in animal (including human) hosts. This ebook is predicated on complaints of a convention held in Palermo, Italy. It experiences the most very important mycoplasma illnesses of sheep, goats and farm animals together with contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, contagious agalactia and calf pneumonia, that are indexed by means of the OIE due to their financial implications.

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Cottewii and M. yeatsii could not be differentiated. Analysis of full-length 16S sequences and 16S 23S spacer sequences of M. m. m. LC and M. m. , 1996). Similarly M. yeatsii and M. cottewii were also at least 99% similar when both full-length 16S and 16S 23S IGS were compared. Significantly, a number of members of the closely related M. mycoides cluster could be differentiated, and M. putrefaciens gave a unique profile. Canine Mycoplasma Species The canine Mycoplasma species, M. spumans, M. opalescens, M.

Canadense and M. bovis. However, careful analysis showed that there was a small difference in the distance of migration between the three species. M. bovis produced a different profile from that of the small ruminant mycoplasma M. agalactiae, which can be difficult to distinguish from M. bovis by normal culture and serological tests. Significantly, M. m. m. SC, the causative agent of CBPP, was easily distinguished from all other Mycoplasma species tested and had a characteristic pattern of four bands.

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