Negative Indefinites by Doris Penka

By Doris Penka

During this booklet, Doris Penka gives you a cross-linguistic, unified research of the semantics and syntax of unfavourable indefinites, as within the expressions no one, not anything, no (as determiner), by no means and nowhere and their opposite numbers in different languages. whereas it truly is general to imagine that destructive indefinites behave like unfavorable quantifiers, the writer argues that those expressions are usually not inherently destructive and are just authorized through a covert negation. In an research inspired through 3 phenomena present in the constitution and semantics of adverse indefinites in several languages - specifically detrimental harmony (in which a number of occurrences of destructive components convey a unmarried negation), cut up readings (in which destructive and indefinite components take scope independently of every other), and the constrained distribution of detrimental indefinites in Scandinavian languages -- Doris Penka considers info from a variety of languages and reports the latest literature at the semantics and syntax of detrimental indefinites. Her booklet will curiosity all linguists engaged on negation specifically and the syntax-semantics interface extra usually.

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