Nervous System (The Amazing Human Body) by George Capaccio

By George Capaccio

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47 Many scientists believe that there are specific nerves—such as the trigeminal nerves in the face—involved in painful migraine headaches. lacks pain-sensitive nerve cells. So while your brain can interpret pain from other parts of the body, it cannot sense pain in its own brain tissue. Many headaches are caused by stress and tension, which causes the muscles and blood vessels in the head or neck to either enlarge or contract. This change puts pressure on nearby nerves, which send pain message to your brain.

But it might be possible to transplant other kinds of cells into the injured area and get them to perform like neurons. Stem cells are cells in the human embryo that have not yet begun to form specific kinds of cells, like red blood cells or bone 53 These illustrations show how a healthy spinal cord (top) can be damaged when the vertebrae of the spine are forced out of place (bottom). As a result, the spinal cord can be compressed, bruised, or even severed. 54 Di seases and Disorders cells. One research goal is to stimulate stems cells from embryos to grow into nerve cells rather than some other kind of cell, and then transplant them into the injured spinal area.

These segments correspond to the different parts of the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral). While the spine has thirty-three bones, the 35 N ERVOUS S YST E M Pairs of spinal nerves jut out from the different sections of the spinal cord. This illustration shows the sacral nerves that exit the sacral part of the spine and travel down the legs. 36 How Do es the Ner vous System Work? SPINAL NERVES Cervical spinal nerves THE AREAS OF THE BODY THAT THEY SERVE Back of the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and diaphragm Thoracic spinal nerves Chest and parts of abdomen Lumbar spinal nerves Lower back and parts of thighs and legs Sacral spinal nerves Buttocks, most of legs and feet, anal and genital area spinal cord has thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves.

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