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Action: Check the archive string used to make sure it refers to a valid online device. ORA-00255 error archiving log string of thread string, sequence # string Cause: An error occurred during archiving. Action: Check the accompanying message stack for more detailed information. If the online log is corrupted, then the log can be cleared using the UNARCHIVED option. This will make any existing backups useless for recovery to any time after the log was created, but will allow the database to generate redo.

ORA-00229 operation disallowed: already hold snapshot controlfile enqueue Cause: The attempted operation cannot be executed at this time because this process currently holds the snapshot control file enqueue. Action: Retry the operation after calling cfileUseCurrent to release the snapshot control file enqueue. ORA-00230 operation disallowed: snapshot controlfile enqueue unavailable Cause: The attempted operation cannot be executed at this time because another process currently holds the snapshot control file enqueue.

Action: The table must be dropped or truncated so that the corrupted blocks can be reused. If a more recent backup of the file is available, try to recover this file to eliminate this error. ORA-00274 illegal recovery option string Cause: An illegal option was specified for a recovery command. Action: Correct the syntax and retry the command. ORA-00275 media recovery has already been started Cause: An attempt was made to start a second media recovery operation in the same session. Action: Complete or cancel the first media recovery session or start another session to perform media recovery.

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