Oracle 8 SQL Reference by Diana Lorentz

By Diana Lorentz

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This booklet is a brief reference for the SQL dialect supported via the Teradata Relational Database administration process. The booklet is additionally a short connection with the supported info description words for the Teradata RDBMS and the information Dictionary. The viewers for this speedy reference is all clients of Teradata SQL who want quickly, non-detailed information regarding the best way to constitution a SQL assertion.

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Create queries that make types and stories priceless increase varieties to entry the information you would like and make experiences that make experience! for those who proposal you needed to use a spreadsheet software to supply studies and kinds, wager what! entry can prove great-looking kinds and experiences that really express what is going on together with your information -- for those who know the way to invite it well.

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9. To make a column required, click anywhere in the column Data Type Required ­property text box to display the Required property drop-down list arrow button, then click the button to display the Required property drop-down list, as shown in Figure AW-1-16, and then select Yes from the Required property drop-down list. 5 Now we need to set a primary key for the CUSTOMER table. According to Figure AW-1-9, we need to use the CustomerID column as the primary key for this table. 5 Microsoft Access has an additional Data Type property named Allow Zero Length.

The Customize Quick Access Toolbar drop-down list appears, as shown in Figure AW-1-4. Click Quick Print. The Quick Print button is added to the Quick Access Toolbar. 3. Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar drop-down button. The Customize Quick Access Toolbar drop-down list appears. Click Print Preview. The Print Preview button is added to the Quick Access Toolbar. 5. The added buttons are visible in the figures shown later in this section of “The Access Workbench,” such as Figure AW-1-5. Database Objects and the Navigation Pane Microsoft uses the term object as a general name for the various parts of a Microsoft Access database.

Figure AW-1-9 Database Column Characteristics for the CUSTOMER Table Column Name Type Key Required Remarks CustomerID AutoNumber Primary Key Yes Surrogate Key LastName Text (25) No Yes FirstName Text (25) No Yes Address Text (35) No No City Text (35) No No State Text (2) No No ZIP Text (10) No No Phone Text (12) No Yes Fax Text (12) No No Email Text (100) No No (Continued) 32 Part One Database Fundamentals Figure AW-1-10 Microsoft Access 2010 Data Types Name Type of Data Size Text Characters and numbers Maximum 255 characters Memo Large text Maximum 65,535 characters Number Numeric data Varies with Number type Date/Time Dates and times from the year 100 to the year 9999 Stored as 8-byte double-­precision integers Currency Numbers with decimal places One to four decimal places AutoNumber A unique sequential number Incremented by one each time Yes/No Fields that can contain only two values Yes/No, On/Off, True/False, etc.

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