Oracle9i Application Developers Guide - Fundamentals by Russel J.

By Russel J.

The appliance Developer's advisor - basics is meant for programmers constructing new functions or changing present functions to run within the Oracle surroundings. This consultant can be worthwhile to structures analysts, venture managers, and others drawn to the improvement of database applications.This advisor assumes that you've got a operating wisdom of software programming, and that you're acquainted with using dependent question Language (SQL) to entry info in relational database systems.Certain sections of this advisor additionally suppose an information of the fundamental techniques of object-oriented programming.

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22 standard are: ■ Support for Oracle datatypes ■ Performance enhancement by row prefetching ■ Performance enhancement by execution batching ■ Specification of query column types to save round-trips ■ Control of DatabaseMetaData calls Sample Program for the JDBC Thin Driver The following source code registers an Oracle JDBC Thin driver, connects to the database, creates a Statement object, executes a query, and processes the result set. The SELECT statement retrieves and lists the contents of the ENAME column of the EMP table.

High degree of control over program execution. ■ ■ ■ Use of familiar 3GL programming techniques and application development tools such as browsers and debuggers. Support of dynamic SQL,method 4. Availability on the broadest range of platforms of all the Oracle programmatic interfaces. ■ Dynamic bind and define using callbacks. ■ Describe functionality to expose layers of server metadata. ■ Asynchronous event notification for registered client applications. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Enhanced array data manipulation language (DML) capability for array INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs.

Oe_ctx; xxxiv Alternatively, you can use Oracle Policy Manager to create an application context. See Also: Step 2. ora) under different instances of Oracle or on entirely separate machines. This lets you configure external procedures more robustly, so that if one external procedure crashes, other external procedures can continue running in a different agent process. See Also: ■ "Loading External C Procedures" on page 10-6 ■ "Publishing External Procedures" on page 10-8 xxxv xxxvi Part I Introduction To Oracle9i Application Development This part contains the following chapter: ■ Chapter 1, "Understanding the Oracle Programmatic Environments" 1 Understanding the Oracle Programmatic Environments This chapter presents brief introductions to these application development systems: ■ Overview of PL/SQL ■ Overview of Java, JDBC, and SQLJ ■ Overview of Pro*C/C++ ■ Overview of Pro*COBOL ■ Overview of OCI and OCCI ■ Overview of Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O) ■ Choosing a Programming Environment Understanding the Oracle Programmatic Environments 1-1 Overview of Developing an Oracle Application Overview of Developing an Oracle Application As an application developer, you have many choices when it comes to writing a program to interact with the database.

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