Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide (19)

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This booklet is a brief reference for the SQL dialect supported by means of the Teradata Relational Database administration method. The e-book can also be a short connection with the supported info description words for the Teradata RDBMS and the information Dictionary. The viewers for this speedy reference is all clients of Teradata SQL who want quickly, non-detailed information regarding find out how to constitution a SQL assertion.

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Create queries that make types and experiences worthy enhance varieties to entry the information you would like and make studies that make experience! for those who idea you needed to use a spreadsheet software to provide reviews and types, bet what! entry can prove great-looking kinds and stories that really convey what is going on along with your facts -- if you happen to understand how to invite it properly.

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Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop II 2-34 Oracle Character Set Scanner (continued) Language and Character Set File Scanner (continued) Only plain text files are accepted, so markup tags must be stripped before using LCSSCAN. Documents that contain a mix of languages or character sets or text like addresses, phone numbers, or programming language code may yield poor results. For example, if a document has both French and German embedded, then the accuracy of guessing either language successfully is statistically reduced.

Linguistic Comparisons Normally, SQL comparisons are performed in binary mode even if you set NLS_SORT to a linguistic sort. To alter the comparison method, you can either use the NLSSORT function, or set the NLS_COMP parameter. The value of the database parameter NLS_COMP affects the following SQL operations: • WHERE • START WITH • IN • OUT • BETWEEN • CASE WHEN • HAVING • ORDER BY By default, NLS_COMP is set to BINARY mode. If you set NLS_COMP to ANSI, SQL operations perform data comparisons using the linguistic method specified by the NLS_SORT parameter.

The NLS_SESSION_PARAMETERS view shows the NLS settings for the current session, which include any changes made through ALTER SESSION commands. In the example above, the NLS_ISO_CURRENCY parameter is set to AMERICA in the initialization parameter file. In the current session, the value is changed to FRANCE. The first query shows the default server setting, the second query shows the actual value being used by the session. Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop II 2-41 Obtaining NLS Settings Information • V$NLS_VALID_VALUES: Contains the values for NLS_LANGUAGE, NLS_SORT, NLS_TERRITORY and CHARACTERSET that are valid on your system • V$NLS_PARAMETERS: – Contains the current NLS session settings, including character sets – Used as the basis for NLS_SESSION_PARAMETERS 2-42 Copyright © 2004, Oracle.

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