Oracle Forms Developer - The Complete Video Course [VHS] by Karl Giberson And Mariano Artigas

By Karl Giberson And Mariano Artigas

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PL/SQL identifiers are covered in detail throughout this book. FOR EXAMPLE DECLARE v_first_name VARCHAR2(35); v_last_name VARCHAR2(35); c_counter CONSTANT NUMBER := 0; This example shows a declaration section of an anonymous PL/SQL block. It begins with the keyword DECLARE and contains two variable declarations and one constant declaration. The names of the variables, v_first_name and v_last_name, are followed by their datatypes and sizes. The name of the constant, c_counter, is followed by the keyword CONSTANT, its datatype, and a value assigned to it.

ANSWER: A program cannot depend wholly on a user to provide text information in single quotes. Enclosing a substitution variable in single quotes helps a program be less error-prone. PUT_LINE Statement In this exercise, you determine the day of the week based on today’s date. You then display the results on the screen. 2 Exercises 18 Execute the script, and then answer the following questions: A) What is printed on the screen? ANSWER: The output should look like the following: Today is Friday PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

The value of v_day is computed with the help of the TO_CHAR and SYSDATE functions. PUT_ LINE statement. B) What is printed on the screen if the statement SET SERVEROUTPUT OFF is issued? Why? ANSWER: If the statement SET SERVEROUTPUT OFF is issued prior to the execution of the PL/SQL block, no output is printed on the screen. The output looks like the following: PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. DID YOU KNOW? When substitution variables are used, the user is prompted to enter the value for the variable regardless of the SERVEROUTPUT setting.

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