Oxford English for Electronics by Eric Glendinning

By Eric Glendinning

Книга состоит из 30 юнитов и 2-х приложений. В юнитах поданы тексты на техническое чтение (про всякие там резисторы, транзисторы, конденсаторы, электрические схемы и многое другое, т.е. все что нужно знать любому инженеру-электронщику и вообще образованному человеку), естественно грамматика и письмо.

-Электроника дома
-Запись звука
-Радио управление
-Сигнальные системы
-Музыкальный центр
-Мобильные телефоны
и много едругое

Ссылки на книги серии:
Oxford English for Computing
Oxford English for info Technology
Infotech English for desktop users

Если у кого-то имеется возможность, сделайте пожалуйста зеркала на других файлообменниках.

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When the students had done the experiment, they wrote a report on it. 1 Nick saved enough money. He bought a motor bike. 2 Mark put all the dishes away. He dried them. 3 I looked both ways. I pulled out into the road. 4 The golfers went into the clubhouse. They played the last hole. 3 Past simple, continuous and perfect (A-D) Daniel is telling the story of how he forgot his passport. Put the verbs into the correct form. (►) /(happened (it / happen) last August at the airport. A few weeks before, a group of us (1)……………….........

Those people have been at the hotel since Friday. I've felt really tired for a whole week now. We've lived in Oxford since 1992. NOT We live-here-sinee-1992. Here something began in the past and has lasted up to the present time. We use for to say how long this period is {for three days). We use since to say when the period began (since Friday). We use how long in questions. How long has Vicky had that camera? ~ Since Thursday, I think. How long have Trevor and Laura been married? ~ Oh, for about three years.

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