Teacher Information Pack 4: Physical by R. L. Dawson (auth.)

By R. L. Dawson (auth.)

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Das Thema soll in einen Grenzbereich der Materialwirtschaft führen, der durch die tagespolitischen Ereignisse immer größere Bedeutung für die Unternehmung gewinnt. Naturgemäß ist in einer marktorientierten Gesellschaft das verkaufs­ fähige Produkt da~ Objekt aller Anstrengungen und Leistungen. Produktion und Verkauf stehen im Blickpunkt, andere Bereiche werden als notwendig be­ trachtet, während das Gebiet der Entsorgung innerhalb der Unternehmung zu­ nächst ohne besondere Beachtung bleibt.

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This is understandable but can create even more problems and increases the stigma for tho e who cannot conceal their disability . Once more I have to empha i e that many children with epilepsy have no problems of learning or behaviour, but when there are problems it is important 10 be aware of the different strands that may be in play. 7 WHAT CAN A TEACHER DO TO HELP? What to do if Cl child has Cl seizure Clt schoo! (a) Minor seizures If seizu res are brief and cause the child no distress there is no need to do anything in the way of treatment.

Unfortunately. since the most trivial injury may result in severe distressing bleeding, often requiring a stay in hospital. and certainly always bed rest, some protection from injury has to be provided and restriction of school activities as necessary. However. this ha to be balanced by attempts to maintain as much normality as possible , so that feelings of being 'different ' are not overwhelming. Most haemophiliac children are wcll aware of the dangers of overindulging in Slrenuous activity and will be capable of some restraint.

0 .. "The incidence of hereditary disease in man'. Journal oJ Medical Gelleries. Vol. 14. 305-307. 1977.

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