The Charmides of Plato: Problems and Interpretations by Nico van der Ben

By Nico van der Ben

The Charmides is between Plato's so much fascinating and complicated dialogues. the variety of topics touched or handled is very extensive: concerns logical, epistemological, ethical, moral, political, and spiritual. in lots of instances, those are mentioned in a hugely inconclusive and aporetic approach, specifically in terms of the topic of data. ultimately, the discussion can be tricky on nearly each point of its expression; mock-reasonings, misunderstandings, ironies, paradoxes, and perplexities abound. for that reason, the run of its many arguments, either at the brief and the lengthy diversity, and its total constitution aren't effortless to determine. If a textual content of this kind of personality is to be made thoroughly available, a full-scale observation is needed; it truly is a lot to be regretted, for this reason, that there's no observation within which the problems of the Greek, the argument, and where of the philosophical difficulties within the improvement of Plato's suggestion are comprehensively and coherently defined. This monograph doesn't aspire to that prestige, yet makes a vital contribution in the direction of reaching that objective (in addition to the various different works within the box, Lamb's scrupulous translation of 1927 and Bloch's penetrating examine of 1973 specifically) via proposing a close exam of forty-two passages of which the translation is disputed; many extra minor difficulties are handled alongside the best way. In all concerns of interpretation, targeted awareness has been paid to defining the precise position of the passage in the run of the, frequently complicated, argument. the results of this recognition is usually saw in an analytical 'Summary of the contents of the Charmides'.

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The Charmides of Plato: Problems and Interpretations

The Charmides is between Plato's such a lot fascinating and difficult dialogues. the variety of topics touched or handled is intensely vast: concerns logical, epistemological, ethical, moral, political, and non secular. in lots of instances, those are mentioned in a hugely inconclusive and aporetic manner, specifically in terms of the topic of data.

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In the present case, however, the original sentenc e has not fare d well in the manuscript traditio n and is in obvious need of supplement. {Contra Witte 125, n. 66. ) It would see m only sensible , therefore, to take advantage of the fact that i t is repeated. R. Dodds, Plato, Gorgias (1959) , 47-53, who concludes that "whil e the hypothesis of an independent ancien t sourc e cannot be excluded , it is safest to accord their readings no higher statu s than that of simple conjectures" . 167d2-5.

169al-7. The words a t 169a 4 are struck by Schleiermacher followed by Burnet, Croiset, Lamb, and Martens. Unfortunately, I 56 169al-7 have bee n unabl e t o fin d Schleiermacher's own words , bu t hi s reasons ar e reporte d b y Stallbaum as "hae c verb a quonia m adversantur sequentibu s an d b y Marten s a s "d a diese Frag e ers t i n di e recht e Seit e de r Einteilun g gehört , vgl . " ; cf. also Witt e 124, n. 58. The roo t o f th e proble m seem s t o b e th e ambiguit y o f th e phrase .

1 In the first place, the counterpart of the phrase in the same sentence; further, a t 159el0, and a t 160c3-4. 160b9-c2. 26 160b9-c2 / 160c6-dl It may be helpful to state expressly tha t the words do not represent both alternative s announced by but only the first and that the second follow s at 160c2, . Only Lamb, as far as I can see , has brought this out clearly an d unambiguously . As far as the precise reference of an d i s con- cerned, Croiset must be correct i n taking i t as "sortes d'action " rather than as "cases " of particular action s a s does Lamb; cf.

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